Our Mission

At Windsor College, our mission is to create a better life for every student. We achieve this by offering a wide-range of well-designed, industry leading courses at affordable prices to provide an opportunity for every person in the world to have a better life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the best and most successful educational training organisation in Australia through delivering programs which are highly valued by the community and exceeds industry standards and establishing valued partnerships with Australian Universities, other Industry bodies, RTO’s and Industry consultants. Our number one priority is to provide quality training & assessment services to students who have chosen Australia as their destination for further studies. We are committed to position ourselves to attain the highest professional level, by meeting our meaningful and achievable targets and milestones.

Our Values

QualityDeliver the highest standard of training and assessment. ProfessionalismMaintaining the highest professional standards and service for our clients. Integrity and HonestyMaintaining transparency in our operations. EthicsOrganizational practices guided by strong morals and ethics. ExpertiseDelivering industry leading training and education. EqualityInclusion and engagement of students and providing equal opportunity for all irrespective of their background.