With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020 many businesses have been forced to change the way they operate. How can business leaders react to the challenges, reassess what they do, reconfigure their companies and reinvent their activities to adapt to the disruption and prepare for the new normal?

Businesses which had adopted and implemented a digitalization strategy in the last few years may have seen a lesser impact from COVID, being able to shift their operations online via the use of Zoom and Slack, however businesses unable to do this, such as airlines and hospitality operators have been decimated.

As the first signs of COVID normal are appearing in Australia, businesses must reassess not only their plans for the year, but also on a longer-term basis. Businesses that have adapted during the shutdowns should continue to explore new opportunities and methods of growth for the future. With the effects of COVID-19 likely to be felt for a long time, and the way people consume products and services now fundamentally altered, are you ready for the future?

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